Customer Service

“Sampson” The Spring Mist Spryte

We have chosen Sampson as our Mascot because Spring Mist Water is a “Spryte Size” Company. That means we are big enough to handle the needs of several Fortune 500 companies and small enough to take care of Customers’ special needs, such as vacations or guests who drink up your water ahead of schedule. We have been known to make “emergency” deliveries on Christmas Eve for just this reason. Our Customers love this personalized service; proving that when it comes to service “Spryte size is the right size.”

Call us today toll free, at 1-866-969-5555 and put Sampson to work for you!


The delivery schedule we leave you lets you know exactly which days we’ll be delivering your water-which is basically every four weeks. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that you have just the right amount of Spring Mist water on hand. Whether it’s vacations when you’ll probably need less, or unexpected occasions when you may need more – just let us know and we’ll take good care of you.


If you’re not going to be in on your delivery date please leave your empty bottles out for us to pick up. Also, please leave us a note should you need more or less bottles of water than the empties you leave out.


Our standard terms for water and associated products are payment on delivery. If you are not going to be in on your delivery date please leave a check out with your empties or mail us a check for the amount of the invoice we’ll leave. We also accept cash, money orders and VISA or MasterCard. For your convenience we can set up the invoice to automatically be charged to your credit card leaving you a paid receipt for each delivery.


Don’t forget the benefits of our “Tell a Friend” program. You’ll receive 15 free gallons of your choice of Spring Mist’s waters for each of your referrals who become home or office customers.


We greatly appreciate your business and work hard to make sure you receive the best water and service in the Metroplex. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Sincerely: Trey & Karen Gurley-Owners

3259 S. Branch Rd. Krum, TX 76249
940-482-3399 or Toll Free 1-866-969-5555